What We Believe

The Purpose of God

God's purpose in sending Jesus was to reveal eternal life and offer it to all who will accept it. This was proven by the death and resurrection of Jesus. We cannot know everything that God has done or will do, but we know that His nature is love and that He will never act contrary to His nature.

Because of that, we have great confidence that He has communicated with us in a way that we can understand, though it may take some effort from us. We know that since He has communicated to us through His Holy Spirit and the words were faithfully recorded and preserved for us throughout the ages, we can have great confidence that the Bible contains all we need to know for salvation (2 Peter 1:3).

We also know that faith comes from the Bible (Romans 10:17) and so everything we do is a result of seeking to simply follow what the Bible teaches.

None of us are perfect at it, but we do encourage each other to reach toward the promise God made to all of us. That creates a bond between us, and we are dedicated to becoming more and more what God made us to become. And this is God's purpose through us.

The Authority and Power of the Bible

The Bible is the sole voice of authority because it is the only place the words of God have been given. It is able to build us up and give us the inheritance if we will follow its teachings. Every word of the Bible is true, and every word is there for a reason. As we listen to the Holy Spirit by learning and acknowledging what the Spirit gave us in the Bible, and we faithfully follow its teachings, we will be transformed by renewing our minds so that our lives are rich, full lives both in this world and the one to come

The Uniqueness and Universality of Christ

Jesus is unique in the world because He is the only person to claim deity and to prove it by His own resurrection. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus serve as the ultimate display of the love, power, and wisdom of God. His death and resurrection were for all humanity.

In His death and resurrection, Jesus established what He promised He would--His church. The church is the collection of all those saved from the bondage of sin and death. Because of this, we call on all people of faith in Jesus to set aside any of the manmade doctrines and teachings that tend to separate us and to affirm the faith once for all delivered to us in the Gospel. 

A Common Goal: LIFE

It is the goal of Christianity not to simply get along with others and unite in common heritage. We are also to become what God created us to be. That is, we are to be molded into the image of Jesus. This is expressed as the Fruit of the Spirit in the Bible, and here at the Caddo Mills church of Christ, we are determined and dedicated to producing this within ourselves.

Our lessons focus on the necessity and benefits of spiritual growth. We talk about it and do it. And those who attend will be encouraged to improve in their walk with God. Looking back after a few months, you will see a change. It must be, because God wants it and is causing it to happen! This is what life is.

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